Friday, March 16, 2012

30 Day Pinterest Challenge: Day 5

Today was our first day of Spring Break, so we had all day to embark on some kind of activity.  We ended up having a ton of fun, in unexpected ways. 

Our Pinterest inspired activity was a Scavenger Hunt.

This actually prints off and can be cut into 4 seperate cards.  That came in handy because the first two got very wet and we we circled the dry ones in the car.

We did most of our Scavenger Hunt in Forest Park because we went to the History Museum for storytime.  Harper decided the storytime looked like it was "for babies" and it was a little cramped so we bought tickets for Mammoths and Mastadons (which was AWESOME!) and is free on Tuesday afternoons. Go! We had a great time learning about that, then headed back out into the rain. 

We found everything except a squirrel and a broom.  We substituted a worm that we found for the bug, because finding a worm is SO MUCH COOLER!  The worm is the STAR in many of our pictures below. 

 I don't know why Elliot is always scrunching up his face and giving me the "Ole one eye" but he has been doing it since birth. Hmmm...

Showing off his rainy day find.

Filling out her Scavenger Hunt. She is left handed.

Filling out his Scavenger Hunt.  He is NOT left handed, but he wasn't putting down his worm.

Our friend, the worm.

Showing off the Mario and Hello Kitty key chains they got at some comic book store in the Loop.  A good use of the quarters they brought with them. 

Between the terrible storytime, the rain and the last minute decision to go to the Loop (Delmar) and have a Fitz's rootbeer and get rained on some more, it was a pretty normal parenting day.  You just have to roll with it, even when things don't go as planned.  We ended up finding a great little toy store where I was able to get a set of blocks which includes the Alphabet in a traditional sense and Braille, which made it a perfect birthday gift for a visually impaired baby we know that just had his first birthday.

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