Sunday, April 1, 2012

Explorers Extraordinaire!

We spent the beautiful day outside, like everyone else in the Midwest, with 85 degree temps on April 1st.  My little girl loves her Fancy Nancy books.  I don't get excited about the girly stuff, but Fancy Nancy is cute. Harper loves all the french terms and big words and shares Nancy's love for all things purple.  The kids spent the morning being Explorers Extraordinaire in the backyard.  They had so much fun.  (And no worries, Elliot spent all afternoon at the skatepark with a bunch of boys!  He just does this sweet stuff for his sister.)

 Showing off the book, we had to get the details right!

 Loving her pink fort!

 Notebook. check. Purple marker. check. Sack. check. Binoculars. check. Maracas. check.

 Suiting up for the exploration.

 I asked if he was a bird-watcher.

 He said he was a "Mommy-watcher."

 Collecting specimens. 

 2 caterpillars on our rope swing.

 E had his boy fun, too. 

 Looking serious!

Some of our nature collections. Purple flowers, of course!