Monday, May 16, 2011

A Three Turtle Day

It is turtle season and we have seen a crazy amount of turtles on our country road between our house and preschool. The kids and I stopped the other day and picked up three off the road and let them loose in the yard. After reading on the internet about the box turtles, we probably won't do it again. Apparantly they like to stay in the same general area where they were born. Even a 1/2 mile move, can stress them and interrupt their breeding cycle. The kids and I decided we would just help them across the road from now on, if it was a safe spot for us to get out of the car. :) We had fun while it lasted and learned the definiton of predator and prey from wikipedia.
My back yard has been neglected, but I have some beautiful irises blooming. Thank goodness they are so easy!

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