Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu for the Week

At least one person out there finds my menu planning helpful, so I'm going to keep posting. Keeps me organized, anyways. We are pretty busy this week (PreSchool graduation!), so I have a couple of really easy dinners, and one from last week that I didn't get around to making. I am cooking pretty heavy out of my Everyday Paleo cookbook. All the recipes so far have turned out well.
Better Butter Chicken - got my last strange spice (fenugreek) last week, so I am ready to give it a try. It is an Indian inspired dish, but has no curry, and Matt hates curry! I hope it is good!
BLT Avocado Wraps - bacon, tomato and an avocado sauce wrapped up in bibb lettuce leaves.
Huevos Rancheros - This is Matt's most favorite thing to eat! Fried eggs, some cheese, some salsa verde and we have some chili leftover from last week so I am going to use that up. Avocado on top! Easy and FAST!
Garlic Beef Stew with Acorn Squash - crockpot recipe. This looks really good. I think it would be equally good with chicken instead of beef, or another type of squash. EASY!
Albondiagas Soup - this is a meatball recipe that cooks in a mexican style soup. Looks pretty good and easy. Calls for a El Pato Jalapeno salsa that I found at Walmart in a little green can. Not expensive.
Im going to make a batch of Egg Cupcakes, Paleo Apple Muffins, and Paleo Pancakes for the week and weekend breakfasts. We should also have plenty of leftovers to fill in the blanks.

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