Saturday, April 23, 2011

E, F, G: Egg dye-ing, Fondue and Goodnight!

For doing nothing, it was a busy Saturday. Breakfast, laundry, snack, games, nap, trip to WalMart (ugh!), dinner at Captain D's @ 4:30 pm with the senior citizens crowd(seasoned Tilapia with broccoli - Momma can eat!) and then a chocolate fondue and fruit dessert, egg dye-ing and hopefully these kids go to bed early so we can watch an adult movie. Not that kind of adult movie. ;) Here are some pics of our adventures in child rearing/memory making. The best part of fondue: When Elliot's fruit would come off his stick he would say "It bascaped!" For some reason he adds "ba" to the beginning of some of his words. I am in no hurry for him to grow out of it!
By the way, we would probably never buy an fondue pot for ourselves, but it was a Christmas gift from Matt's work and we decided we better get to using it. It was delicious!

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