Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Poule at the Joule...

We spent one night in Downtown Dallas at the Joule, a very swanky hotel. Really just looking for a reason to use the word swanky, and this is as swanky as we get! Due to the holiday, it was very slow downtown and the hotel was very quiet. It was good for us, because I am guessing the usual clientele would not find our kids as adorable as we do. The rooftop pool, the "Poule", was amazing and by far our favorite spot. Blue and orange is a great color scheme, so I took a bunch of silly pictures. The pool also extended over the edge of the building by 8 feet in plexiglass. So if you swam to the end, you could look over and see the street, 10 stories below. I am way too afraid of heights to do that, but Matt and the kids loved it! The most exciting part of the morning swim: H swam the entire length of the pool and back with no lifejacket/floaties,etc...She is now a swimmer. A quiet Tuesday morning with coffee on a beautiful rooftop pool, and my little girl had her first independent swim. A perfect morning worth every penny of that expensive hotel!

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