Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Animals!

Today was the kids Valentine's parties at preschool. They both had a great time, and took hard 2 hour naps afterwards. And so did I. I felt so loved in E's class today. Sadly, not many parents could make it to the party. I am sure that with the weather from the last few weeks, people didn't feel like they could take time off work, but E's class was very short on extra help. My lap was full the whole time. One little boy cracked me up, he came up and said, "I don't read very well." He is 2!

A very nice mom took H and I's picture, and I took one of her and her daughter. E has decided to photobomb each and every picture he is in, so he is making a silly face or "flashing a gang sign." He reminds me so much of Leslie these days. Blonde hair, full lips, bright blue eyes and goofy pictures. ;)

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