Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mom, are you on Pinterest again?

The kids and Matt have been giving me a hard time about my most recent addiction,  If you don't know what it is, you are probably a guy.  Matt calls it "Google for Girls." Mostly I look up crafts, sewing projects, decorating/organizing ideas, and paleo food.  You know, girl stuff. Matt's aunt often says, "If it weren't for women, they would just still be happy in a cave." So true.

Thanksgiving Turkeys on Canvas 

H is on the left, E is on the right.  As you can see, the body is made out of their footprints.  H did hers EXACTLY as I showed her.  E only wanted 4 feathers, so it looked more like Superhero wings and 3 googly-eyes because it is an alien turkey. He is SUCH A BOY!  (Might I add that this week he said "I'm a magician!" Then he farted.  )

Junk Picture

When we moved over the summer, I started collecting little odds and end toys, knickknacks and broken stuff in a box with some ambition to do something like this.  Now my little guy has a fun initial for his room.  Total cost of 8 bucks for canvas and epoxy! Only problem with this project was E had to be talked into gluing his old stuff on there, suddenly he had an overwhelming interest in all the toys.  Kids are like that. You have to send them to Grandma's to do any kind of toy sort or cleanup. 

I have some girly stuff to get working on an H in the near future.

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