Friday, June 10, 2011

Busy Bees

When I am really tired, I drool in my sleep. It is pretty gross. We have been THAT TIRED all week. Having so much fun, but it is so busy. H started Magic House Camp this week and she did amazing. She tends to be nervous and hesitant, shy about being left and I wanted her to have a new experience before kindergarten. She was very used to her preschool and had the same teacher for 2 years, and we have Kindergarten starting in August. But, she did AMAZING! Really excited about going, no tears or nervousness, and she wasn't even jealous that E was going to get to do some fun things with me. And camp has been wonderful, she has done so many fun activities and they have been very organized. E and I have been spending an hour or two at the MH each day playing and we have also had Red Mango frozen yogurt, played at the Craft Caboose and had coffee with a friend at Kaldi's.

The kids also had a great midweek sleepover with Grandma while Matt and I went to dinner for our anniversary. Prime 1000, yummy steaks, great people watching downtown and great service. We had complimentary champagne and a dessert, so we really didn't spend much and had an awesome dinner. Our waiter asked how many months/years we were celebrating, and we told him "6 years." He acted like that was a real accomplishment. I am not for sure what that says about the clientele? :) Either way, it was lovely. Grass-fed steaks and they had a flourless chocolate torte, so I was in allergy free heaven!

In other big news, we get the keys to our Kirkwood house today. Plan on moving next month, which means I have a lot of work to do around here. Looking forward to posting pics of the new place, soon.

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